Trade and Distribution

You want OUR products in YOUR shop?

Campervan Gift will be becoming a UK and International distributor / Wholesaler 

Interested? Drop us an email…

With so much interest in our large product range, we are pleased to announce we will be considering UK and International retailer trade requests under our new online Trade and Distribution arm which will be operational very soon.

If you think you may be interested, please supply us with as much information as possible so we can consider your request as a retailer of our products.

Please include as much information as possible for our Trade and Distribution team to look at.

  • Your Business location
  • Your Business website address
  • Primary selling marketplaces - Physical Shop / Online or Both.
  • Social Media - Facebook page address.
  • Shows / Festivals - Do you trade at shows / festivals? If so, please list them.
  • Products you are interest in (include approximated quantities of first order)
  • Indicate whether this is a one-off order or you will be making regular trade orders with Campervan Gift.
  • Your predicted monthly spend with Campervan Gift.
  • If UK business, will the products you purchased from us be sold overseas?

Although we really awesomely appreciate everyone contacting us, we cannot guarantee response times due to so many requests. We will try our best to get back to you asap, stock and terms permitting.

The Campervan Gift Team.