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About Us

Hi, We’re Rusty and Dubs.

Welcome to Campervan Gift. We are a family run business that have a genuine passion for Campervans.

Me and my Brother Dubs love travelling and attending these fab festivals selling our cool camper gifts. This is where it all started. The start of 2012 Me and Dubs set off on our travels spreading the word about our company Campervan Gift not realising how many people fell in love with us. Well what can we say, our hearts melted and smiles were all around. We knew we needed to give something back, an online shop. And here it is!!

So, out of all the gifts we have the moneyboxes are my favourite. But Dubs prefers the beach bags for when he has a sneaky trip to the seaside. Although, despite all the other gifts we sell you could always opt for taking us home?

So, if you choose to adopt Me or Dubs then I will warn you now that I like saving the money to travel and attend festivals. Time to party! Dubs on the other hand is the lazy one, following me around but spending most the time sleeping in these brand new Vee Dubs Tents. Talk about glamping it up!

Anyway Me and Dubs are off now but feel free to take a look around. Any questions please contact us via sales@campervangift.co.uk or 0800 014 8686. One of our family members will be more than happy to speak to you.

Much Love

Rusty and Dubs